Get ready for some Amazing Spiderfacts!

  • After mishearing his character’s name method-acting Brit Andrew Garfield spent 6 months picking pecks of pickled peppers.
  • In one of the film’s most moving scenes, Spiderman finally learns responsibility after his Uncle Ben burns some rice in the microwave.
  • Rhys Ifans actually cut his own arm off to audition for misguided tri-limbed Dr Curt Connors. It was a risk that pulled off! Unlike Rhys’ gloves, with which he now needs help.
  • Martin Sheen’s performance in the film (along with every performance he’s given since 1979) will eventually be edited into the Director’s Cut of Apocalypse Now Redux Redux Redux.
  • The film’s original title was the more honest but less grabby The Latest Spiderman.
  • Director Marc Webb isn’t the only spider-themed crew member. Others include stunt coordinator Justin Tarantula, focus puller Michaela Cloacalchamber, designer Billy ‘8 Legs’ Eightlegs and location caterer Peter T. Amazingspidermanparker.
  • Stan Lee makes his traditional cameo as Peter Parker’s backpack.
  • Aunt May isn’t as annoying in this one.
  • Though a big fan of the Tobey Maguire version, Andrew Garfield decided to approach playing Spiderman a different way. By using his face to act with and varying the tone of his voice to convey thoughts and emotions.
  • Don’t forget to stay until the end of the credits for an extra scene where some guys from Marvel just come right out with it and ask if anyone’s got any crappy old comics at home they can bleed dry, cos frankly they’re running out of shit to reboot.
  • Hugh Hefner’s granddad makes his traditional cameo as Stan Lee.
  • This is the first Spiderman film to properly explain which bit of arachnid DNA makes them so good at sewing and costume design.
  • The Amazing Spiderman is the third film this year where audiences forget to bring one of the millions of bloody 3D glasses they’ve got at home and end up paying an extra pound. Yeah, piracy’s killing cinema.
  • Denis Leary stole the idea of playing a police captain who chases Spiderman but eventually learns to respect him from Bill Hicks.
  • Having appeared in every Marvel comics film adaptation since 2002, Stan Lee is keen to start working on his own projects. Stan Lee: ‘That’s Another Fine Mess, Stan Lee’ is on at the Pleasance Dome from August 6th. He’s also been commissioned to write a treatment for a Radio 4 panel show hosted by Gyles Brandreth. Stan can be contacted through his agent, Vivienne Clore.


  • The characters played by Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are supposed to 17. Seventeen? Fuck off.
  • Neither Joseph Gordon Levitt nor Emily Blunt appear in the film. There must have been some sort of mix-up.
  • In the film, Andrew Garfield plays a man who is bitten by a spider and given amazing powers. This would never happen.